Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Seguin Street Boutique! We are so excited to have you here. For starters my name is MacKenzie and I am the owner of Seguin Street Boutique. My husband and I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2018 and got married in December 2020 after 10 years of being together. After graduating I found myself landing my dream job as a Women's and Kids apparel, Hats and Footwear buyer for a company based near my hometown of New Braunfels, TX. I was a buyer for about 3 years and finally decided to take the leap and start my own business.

Seguin Street Boutique started off in the guest bedroom of our house but quickly grew causing us to get an office space. I already had the knowledge of buying womens apparel so I stuck with just that for our first launch. During this growth in my business my husband and I decided to start trying for a family. We had been together for 10 years and knew we were ready for this next chapter in our lives. At first we were unsuccessful and started to get weary after I experienced a miscarriage. Through all of these emotions we found ourselves turning to God and trusting in his plan. In a way this experience brought my husband and I closer together and for sure brought me closer to God. After trying again for months my husband and I can happily say we are expecting a BABY BOY August of 2022. After learning of the news of our baby boy I quickly decided that I wanted to transition Seguin Street Boutique into a mom friendly store. With the excitement of baby boy I soon learned that there are very few to no Mommy & Me Boy stores both online and local to me. I am making it my mission to help boy moms find everything they need for their little man and help them feel just as important as the girls. Don't get me wrong, I will still carry girls items in the store but really want to focus on the special little men in our lives.

For those shopping I would like for you to know that we pride ourselves on mom approved items, if I wouldn't use it with my baby then you will not find it here! I  hope you know just how much we appreciate you and want to thank you for supporting our small business. I hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do!

- MacKenzie Espurvoa

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